CPUs to avoid:

While AMD CPUs can work but we advise against them due to numerous issues still plaguing them as they're not natively supported. They require quite a bit more work to get setup but for those who like would prefer AMD there is the AMD Vanilla Guide.

Common issues with AMD:

  • Adobe Products don't always work and there is no fix for lightroom at the moment

    • some fixes can be found here: Adobe Fixes‚Äč

    • Do note these fixes just disable functionality, they're not real fixes

  • Virtual Machine running off of AppleHV's framework will not work(ie: Parallels 15)

    • VirtualBox works fine as its Java based

  • Docker broken

    • Docker toolbox is the only solution, many feautures are unavailble with this

  • Xcode AppleWatch simulator is broken in Catalina

    • Mojave works fine

  • Blender 2.8.0+ won't work

    • 2.7.9 is last good version

  • Microphone input is not availble with AppleALC requiring VoodooHDA(quite a bit worse audio quality and overall instability)

  • Audio Drift issues on Ryzen APUs(G series Chips)

    • USB DAC is only fix besides new CPU

  • Difficult to setup Sleep(or impossible on some systems)

  • No CPU Power Management

  • Not all USB ports work on some boards

    • This is due to not being assigned in ACPI, you need to manually add them in your DSDT

  • Delayed updates

  • 3rd Gen Threadripper doesn't work at all


  • AMD Ryzen 1000 Series

  • AMD Ryzen 2000 Series

  • AMD Ryzen 3000 Series

  • AMD Athlon

  • AMD ThreadRipper

  • AMD FX Series

With Intel, the thanks to most of the CPUs being quite similar they have support when the CPU is spoofed to a supported model. The only downside is that the iGPU rarely work on Atom/Pentium/Celeron these models meaning a cheap iGPU Hackintosh is impossible with these CPUs. Regarding X99/LGA 2011-V3 CPUs, there's the issue that these CPUs were never shipped in a real Mac so quite a few issues are present when running macOS on these systems. Avoid if possible

Dual Socket User Note: Do note that the macOS kernel only supports a maximum of 64 threads. So for baller setups please be aware. And for dual socket users, you will need to use AppleMCEReporterDisabler in macOS Catalina

  • Intel Atoms

  • Intel Celerons

  • Intel Pentiums

  • Intel X79/LGA 2011

  • Intel X99/LGA 2011-V3

  • Intel X299/LGA-2066